7 Cities You Should Venture to This Spring

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Carly Steinberg

Though the weather in various parts of the country may say otherwise, it’s officially spring! Spring is one of the best seasons—everything is freshly watered from the winter rain, and the temperature outside is just right. So with spring upon us, what better way to relax and enjoy the outdoors than to travel? Here are 7 beautiful destinations you should definitely vacation to this spring.

1. New Orleans, Louisiana

Now that Mardi Gras is over, the city of New Orleans has calmed down. While New Orleans may be known for its craziness, it is also a beautiful city surrounded with so much history. Plus, the food is amazing. Gumbo and Cafe du Monde, anyone?


2. Marfa, Texas

Do you consider yourself an artsy person? If so, Marfa may be your perfect vacation destination. Marfa, Texas is known as being an “arts hub”, and hosts several arts shows and exhibits. Book your next trip to Marfa and check out the mysterious, but beautiful, Marfa lights that shine over the city.


3. Charleston, South Carolina

The city of Charleston is the definition of charming. With its blue skies and cobblestone roads, this city has so much beauty to take in. Take a stroll in a horse and carriage, or go for a visit to Fort Sumter to brush up on your Civil War knowledge.


4. Mendocino, California

Love the beach but not into the craziness of spring break in Cabo or Miami? Mendocino may just be the perfect alternative. For a more quiet and mature beach vacation, head up to the coast to enjoy breathtaking ocean views and beautiful hiking trails.


5. Sonoma, California

Spring in Sonoma—wine not? Sonoma is known for its wine, hence its nickname “wine county”. If you’re all about going wine tasting with your friends this spring, head up to Northern California for a spring break you won’t forget. While you’re there, be sure to check out the town’s weekly farmer’s market.


6. Portland, Oregon

Sitting on two large rivers, Portland is the perfect combination of city and nature. Venture out to the beautiful parks of Oregon, or rent a bike to conquer those bike paths that this city is known for.


7. Chicago, Illinois

The windy city is the place to be this spring—the cold winter has subsided and the summer heat has not yet set in. Enjoy the view of the Chicago skyline as you take a boat ride on Lake Michigan. In for some fun this spring? Score some tickets to see the Cubs play at Wrigley Field!


So bold babes, where are you vacationing this spring?

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