OUr purpose

Bold (adj.) /bōld/: showing or requiring a fearless daring spirit.

We recognize that boldness comes in a variety of ways. We support women in their acts of boldness; whatever that definition is to them. That being said, we are building an interactive community of ambitious, diverse women through our articles and social channels. We want our magazine to be your magazine. Here, your voice matters.

Bold Online Magazine Our Purpose

This isn’t your run-of-the-mill millennial magazine that is driven by click bait or superficiality. Our articles are digestible yet simulating, informative yet fun, and they allow our readers to interact and support one another. We support and promote diverse storytellers and we come together as driven and dimensional millennial women.

At Bold, we keep it real. We are real women with careers, relationships, and diverse lifestyles. We aim to share our stories that can help and inform other bold babes to accept themselves and be the best version of themselves. Offline, we hope to bring together our community of readers in interactive and meaningful ways.