Practices for a Calmer 2019

Holly-Noelle Haworth

Feature Image: Brooke Cagle

I’ll be the first to admit it—it’s often hard to keep your cool, or as the kids say “be chill.” When you’re busy with your job, your family, keeping up with friends, going to the gym, and what not, it’s hard to not bottle up your feelings when something irritates you. Instead, you might find yourself lashing out on others, and sometimes even yourself. While this may seem like an appropriate response from time to time, learning to remain calm and to ground yourself is essential for a healthy life and, this year, I’m all about it. Who’s with me?

Caution: the below practices will lead to a calmer, better you.

Say goodbye to social media (just for a little)

You might say ‘no’ to this one right off the bat, but if I can do it, you can do it too. Social media drains us. It can make us feel less than, which is why taking a break from social media every once in a while is essential if you’re trying to live a calmer life. Disconnect from social media and focus on yourself for a while.

Use relaxation drops

If you haven’t tried relaxation drops yet, 2019 is the year to do so. Moon Infusions has all natural, botanically-infused relaxation drops that are super easy to use. Simply put 3 of these natural drops into a glass of water and you’ll feel calmer (almost) instantly. Reduce anxiety and stress, while at the same time improving mental clarity and enhancing your mood.

Source:  Moon Infusions

Get your zzzz’s

If you haven’t lived under a rock, you know very well the importance of sleep. As much as you want to stay up and continue your Netflix binge, try setting limits for yourself. Getting enough sleep each night is crucial to achieving the calm and centered life you’ve always wanted. If you need help falling asleep, listen to a relaxing music playlist. Key word here: relaxing.

Care for your hair

It may sound silly for me to suggest that you care for your hair, but I think our hair, head, and scalp deserve a little love, too. Innersense is making serious moves in the hair care industry, because they focus not only on the actual hair part of hair care, but also on the wellbeing of their customers. With simple reminders to breathe and center yourself all over their bottles, Innersense is taking natural hair care to a whole new level — a level that everyone should be eager to get on.

Source:  Innersense

Source: Innersense

Drink less alcohol and more water

Having a night out drinking with friends is, without a doubt, fun. But, alcohol can really take a toll on our bodies. In the new year, try limiting your drinking to once a week. That way, you’ll be able to still have a good time with friends, but will, most importantly, be honoring your body and wellbeing. While you’re at it, drink more water. Staying hydrated is a sure fire way to remain calm in all of life’s stressful situations.

Learn how to deep breathe

Next time you feel stressed out by someone else or by a situation you’re in, engage in deep breathing before you react. How? Put your hand on your diaphragm. Inhale for 4 seconds, hold it there for 7 seconds, and exhale for 8 seconds. Repeat 5-10 times. Michelle Branch said it once, and I’ll tell you again, “just breathe.”

Source:  Brooke Cagle

Source: Brooke Cagle

Don’t be afraid to feel all the feels

We all experience various emotions, whether that’s happiness, anger, sadness, or one of the many other emotions you may feel. This new year, I urge you to welcome in any of these feelings. It’s okay to feel sad, just like it’s okay to feel angry (remember: you can only really control how you act). So, if you need to let something out, let it out, either to yourself or to others. I’m here to tell you that in 2019, bottling in your emotions no longer serves you.


Yup, year after year we tell ourselves that we’re going to start journaling, yet we never do. Well, there’s a reason we always tell ourselves that, and that’s because it’s a good idea. Journaling is a great way to jot down who and what you’re grateful for, stay organized, and keep track of your emotions and experiences. Give it an honest try this year—I really don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Source:  Tyler Nix

Source: Tyler Nix

This list is by no means comprehensive; however, by implementing these practices into your life, it’s possible to live a calmer life in 2019. Here’s to a calmer, better year.

What practices do you use to stay calm? Tell us in the comments!

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