Weekends Are For Fun and Productivity, Say What?

Weekends are for fun and productivity, say what?

Holly-Noelle Haworth

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The weekend has finally arrived. Time to stay in your pajamas and hit play on your Netflix queue…or not. ‘Lazy’ weekends are not for everyone. Or, maybe they are for you but you’re looking to be more productive on the weekends. There are a multitude of ways you can keep productive when the weekend rolls around, but here are five easy-peasy solutions.

Make the most out of your Friday

Fridays have always been a fan-favorite. I’m not sure if that’s because they signal fun and friends or because they signal that you’re done with the work week. Either way, Fridays are the best. However, Fridays also call for this sense of laziness and procrastination. Many people start to slack on all of their work that needs to be done. In order to stay productive on the weekends, continue working until your Friday work hours are complete before you completely check out. Friday can be a great time to get your work for the next week in order. Cleaning up your workspace and writing a to-do list can streamline your productivity for the rest of the weekend and into the next week. Say goodbye to your coworker besties and head out. You’re on your way to having a productive weekend!

Keep up your morning routine

If you have a morning routine during the work week, perform your morning routine on the weekend, too! It has been scientifically proven that waking up at the same time everyday is beneficial to your overall health. So, as much as you’d rather sleep the day away, try to get up at the same time every single day — doing so will keep you healthy, and it will give you more hours in the day to be productive. You’ll have so much time that you’ll even be able to add your favorite yoga routine back in. Or better yet, try adding yoga or stretching to your weekend morning routine.

Source:  Kinga

Source: Kinga

Space out your work throughout the week

If you leave everything until the weekend, you’ll have no time for any fun — and while the weekends shouldn’t be all fun and games, it is important to live a bold and balanced life. So, how does one achieve this balance? Try doing some of your chores and tasks earlier in the week so that your weekends don’t get too packed. Or, if you have a task that could take several hours, break up the task into two or three days. Hey, maybe you’ll like starting off the weekend with a few less chores to do and more time to catch up with family, friends, food, and…wine.

Just like any other day, make a to-do list

There are times where you will inevitably have some work to do over the weekend and, though it’s a bummer, that’s okay. For such tasks, make a to-do list in order of priority. If you want to be super proactive, write down how long you will think it will take to complete that task next to the to-do item. Then, start checking tasks off your list. It’s easy at that!

Source:  Roman Bozhko

Source: Roman Bozhko

Organize and update your calendars

Do you ever just look at your calendar and cringe at the disorganization? If you do, try taking some time over your weekend to organize your calendars and to-dos. If you have a lot to accomplish and check off over the next few days, weeks, or months, then make a list for just that. Similarly, organize both your long- and short-term calendars. Visualizing and seeing on paper (or screen) what you have coming up will, without a doubt, help you in the long run.

Show yourself some love

Taking care of yourself is just as important as getting your chores, tasks, and work done. When the weekend comes, be sure to do things for yourself and that you enjoy. Whether that is catching up with friends, having a night in with you S.O., eating a whole pizza to yourself (been there, done that), doing a face mask and taking a hot bath… make it happen! If work calls, literally or metaphorically, set a time for yourself when you can take care of it. It’s important that you structure your work times and set limits for yourself, so that you can achieve that ideal balance of getting your work done, yet still enjoying your weekend. When I am looking forward to a relaxing weekend away from work, I usually set an away message on my email that explicitly states when I’ll be checking my email next. That way, you are respecting the boundaries you have set for yourself, as well as setting limits with all who are contacting you.

Source:  Mutzii

Source: Mutzii

These tips are not supposed to be overwhelming — in fact, they are supposed to be just the opposite. By implementing these practices into your weekends one thing at a time, you are on your way to having productive weekends that allow for more fun with family and friends and less stress during the work week.

Do you have any other tips for staying productive over the weekends?

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