Valentine’s Day Gift Guide: Men’s Edition

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Not all men are created equal, and that becomes increasingly clear each time a holiday rolls around and it’s time to start picking out gifts. Some men might like fitness-related products, while others prefer personalized scrapbooks or grooming products. With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, and whether you’re gifting to your boyfriend, husband, dad, uncle, or brother, it’s important that put thought into what the men in your life would really enjoy. To help you out, we’re sharing a few of our favorite products that make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts, and we think there is something for every man on this list.

For the man who loves modern gardening

Planter Set from Rt1home

Source:  RT1Home

Source: RT1Home

The Planter Set from RT1home makes a great Valentine’s Day gift, because it is super sleek and contemporary and can add a lot to nearly any home. In each set, there’s an “aquameter” to test the soil’s moisture levels, a plant covering in two different sizes, and a pack of herb seeds. No matter who you’re giving this set to, it’ll be fun to watch the herbs grow together. If you’re like me, you’ll even make a competition out of it to see whose herbs can grow faster. If herbs aren’t your man’s thing, this brand has other gardening tools that also make great gifts.

For the man who loves his hair

Non Prescription Hair Kit from hims

Source:  hims

Source: hims

As a men’s personal wellness company, hims has products ranging from hair care to skin care to erectile dysfunction care. (Yeah, they went there). While they offer tons of great gift ideas for men interested in wellness, their Non Prescription Hair Kit is our pick this year. In it is biotin multivitamins, shampoo, and a Minoxidil solution to help prevent hair loss. Treat the men in your life to this hair kit so that they can stop premature hair loss in its tracks, encourage new hair growth, and keep the hair they currently have looking suave. It’s never too early (or late) for men to start caring for their hair.

For the romantic man

Full Body Massage Kit from Men’s Society

Source:  Men’s Society

Handmade in London, Men’s Society products make great gifts year round. This Valentine’s Day, though, we’re gifting the Full Body Massage Kit to our men. It has every kind of oil you’ll need for an at-home spa day with the one you love: hair oil, body oil, face oil, and foot and hand oil. Ditch the couple’s massage certificate this year and treat your SO to the gift that keeps on giving—in the comfort of your own home.

Let’s Get Jiggy Wit’ It Romance Kit from Men’s Society

Source:  Men’s Society

Spending a romantic night in with someone you care about is not uncommon for Valentine’s Day. But what if there were a way to spice it up this year? With the Let’s Get Jiggy Wit’ It Romance Kit from Men’s Society, there is. With massage oil, lip oil, an eye mask, and rose petals, it’s probably pretty obvious what you’ll be doing this Valentine’s Day.

For the man with a whole lotta facial hair

Handsome Chap Beard Brush from Men’s Society

Source:  Men’s Society

Part of what can make a man so sexy is his facial hair—at least in my opinion. But, facial hair can also get out of control. Tame your man(‘s hair) by giving him the Handsome Chap Beard Brush from Men’s Society. All he needs to do in order look sleek and sexy is comb his beard after a shower. It’s really that easy.

Hair + Beard Oil from Rugged & Dapper

Source:  Rugged & Dapper

With caring for one’s beard comes the need for beard oil. Help the men in your life control, replenish, and nourish their hair from “head to chin” by giving them the Hair + Beard Oil from Rugged & Dapper. This product works especially well on dehydrated beards, which, yes, can be possible. Having a beard that is well-cared for will only lead to confidence, and giving the men in your life confidence is greater than any tangible gift in my book.

Soothing Shave Cream from Ernest Supplies

Source:  Ernest Supplies

If a man has a lot of facial hair, the chances of him needing to shave every once in a while are high. So, treat your men to the Cooling Shave Cream from Ernest Supplies. It’s a multi-step process combined into one product, helping your men look and feel polished in just a matter of minutes. And there’s a benefit for you, too, as they’ll look (extra) handsome and clean for any Valentine’s Day festivity.

For the man with a skin care routine

Face & Body Scrub from Menaji

Source:  Menaji

Source: Menaji

Exfoliation is part of what makes a skin care routine complete. And while you shouldn’t exfoliate every day, it’s necessary that you do so at least once a week. This is true for men, too, though many men neglect this step in their daily skin care routines. Menaji offers a Face & Body Scrub that exfoliates, purifies, and clears the skin. Made with only natural ingredients, this scrub leaves the skin feeling oh so fresh.

Age & Damage Defense Facial Moisturizer from Rugged & Dapper

Source:  Rugged & Dapper

Just as it’s important to cleanse and exfoliate the skin, it’s important to moisturize. So, help the men in your life prevent aging, moisturize, and fix damaged skin by giving them this Facial Moisturizer from Rugged & Dapper. Show them you care by giving them what they need in order to properly care for their skin.

BirchboxMan Subscription

Source:  BirchboxMan

Source: BirchboxMan

Subscription boxes are all the craze nowadays, and, with a BirchboxMan subscription, you can treat the men in your life to a bunch of products—in sample sizes! That way, they can try out various grooming, skin care, and hair care products and see what they like best. For only $10/month and no commitment necessary, it’s a no-brainer that you add this to your Valentine’s Day gift list.

For the man who loves his tattoos

Tattoo Balm from Brooklyn Grooming

Whether it’s your dad, hubby, or brother who is tatted up, every man with a tattoo would love the Tattoo Balm from Brooklyn Grooming. Made with all the best ingredients, this balm is a must-have for tattoos just beginning the healing process. Help the men in your life look good and feel good—after all, their tattoos are here to stay.

What are you giving the men in your life this Valentine’s Day?

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