How to Plan a Dinner Party on A Budget

How to Plan a Dinner Party on A Budget

Macey Phillips

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In an ideal world, we would all have endless funds to host glamorous dinner parties on yachts and in villas off the coast of France. Unfortunately, that's not most of our reality. With that said, first and foremost, setting a budget is key. Figure out realistically what you can afford.  Which leads me to my next point…

Keep It Small

To create a budget, you have to know how many people you are going to have. Of course, the more people, the more expensive. So keep it small and intimate if you can. 


If you are only hosting a few people, a large sit-down meal is certainly achievable. If it ends up being a little bigger(and even if it's not) don't be afraid to ask friends to contribute! If you invite seven people, and every person brings just one thing — that's a lot of weight off of you as the host! One person can bring napkins, someone else can bring crackers, and another ice. You see where I am going with this! Personally, my favorite type of party to have is an Appetizer party. It is pretty inexpensive (if you don't get the fancy cheese) and who doesn't love to sit around a table full of cheese, meats, and dips and catch up?! 

Here are some of our favorite sit-down party recipes to do for guests:  One Pot Lemon Herb Chicken, Shrimp Pasta and Baked Chicken and Vegetables

Source:  Brooke Lark

Source: Brooke Lark


The best and cheapest decorations are candles. You can usually buy large packs of votive candles. You can set them all over your place and it instantly adds a sense of elegance. Also, dig out those Christmas decorations and hang some string lights! I love the way string lights can make a room feel all cozy! 


Whatever you think you need that you want to have- ask around first to see who already owns it and would be willing to let you borrow. Things such as pretty platters to display food on, extra plates and silverware,  trays, and drink-ware are great to loan from friends or family! If you don't have the opportunity to borrow, any bargain store would be a great place to devour. 

What’s your favorite kind of gathering to host?

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