15 Games for Your Next Game Night

15 Games for Your Next Game Night

Alexa Velasquez

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These days, it seems like planning a game night is one of the best and easiest ways to get a group of friends together. Getting together for a night of games allows you to connect with friends, share a few drinks, and just have fun! Not only that, but all game nights are different, as they depend on the kinds of people and games you're playing with. Because there are so many games to choose from, we wanted to share a guide to some of the best games on the market. Better yet, we've organized our favorite games by groups, so that you can identify which games would be most fun to your group of friends.

For the group of friends that likes an all-inclusive, interactive game, the following games are for you.. With these games, no player is left behind and everybody plays an important role.

One Night Ultimate Werewolf


Game night for the trivia buffs will include one or all of these games! When you play these games, just know you are committing to a long night of fun.


Trivial Pursuit
Smart Ass
Pub trivia

Now no night is complete without some of the classics...you know, the ones we played as kids and, as a result, are most confident at playing!



Which games are you playing at your next game night?