10 Songs You Need On Your Summer Playlist

10 Songs You Need On Your Summer Playlist

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Finals have come and gone, and you're ready to get your summer on. To be a Nova Babe or not to be a Nova Babe? That is the question. Now, whether you are working over summer or traveling throughout Europe, you need these ten songs on your playlist. Driving to work? You need this. Getting ready for a night out? You. Need. This. About to workout? You NEED this. Here are the ten songs you need to add to your summer playlist—or any playlist, because they're just that good. 

Con Calma — Daddy Yankee

Okay so I understand, you don't know what Daddy Yankee is saying (or maybe you do). All you need to know with this song is that it's getting you prepared for the day ahead. It starts off mid-tempo and then speeds up — just like your day. 

Suge — DaBaby

Suge is pronounced "Sh-hug" this song is for that co-worker that has been irritating you, and you know you can't hurt them. So instead you just play this song. You're a girl from the burbs, but you're feeling ghettofabulous today.

My Type — Saweetie

You and your girls are getting ready, and you all are feeling your .bold Tipsy Thursday drink a little bit, and this is the man or woman you're looking for tonight.

Girls Need Love Remix — Summer Walker ft. Drake

Girls Need Love is - let's face it - our sex-positive anthem. Summer Walker is a spectacular addition to the female artists who bring us self-love, self-care, and in our feelings music. Summer lets everybody know we need some fun sometime so DON’T JUDGE US.

Big Ole Freak — Megan Thee Stallion

I mean, Do I have to say more. In the words of Megan Thee Stallion, "WE ACTING UP THIS SUMMER."

Girls Have Fun— Tyga ft G — Eazy

"Stick out your tongue, girls wanna have fun (ayy)" It is just instinct to stick out your tongue when you're feeling a song, and the rhythm is grabbing your soul just right. This is the song that confirms that it does and that you definitely should. In the uber on the way to the party, you need to be listening to this song.

Money — Cardi B

Here's to Cardi B. May we know her. May we be her. May we shake it like her. Money is the pre-game song you're getting dressed to for the night out.

Act Up — City Girls

This song is for you and your crew that nobody can break down. The uber has been called, and the finishing touches are being added. You play this song to confirm to your ladies that it's all about the group tonight.

MIA — Bad Bunny Ft. Drake

MIA is in this playlist to loosen you up for the day or night. You've been getting hyped and ready for the night ahead, but this will put that suaveness in your moves.

Ready — Victoria Monet

You've been getting some slack about being single. It's summer you should be having fun, but this song will motivate you to focus on yourself! Your time is coming so as Victoria says "be everything you'd wanna see in him" and don't be pressured to catch someone until you're ready.

What songs are on your Summer 2019 playlist?

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