9 Indoor Plants to Freshen up Your Home

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen up Your Home

Holly-Noelle Haworth

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When considering the benefits—both mental and physical—of having indoor plants in the home, having a green thumb (or not) is irrelevant. And that’s because everyone should incorporate plants into their homes either way. But some find it difficult to take care of plants. You might wonder: Does this plant need to be in the sun? or How much should I water this one? Well, wonder no more. Here, we talk about 9 indoor plants that are so low maintenance they can undergo even the meanest owner neglect. (They’re also super stylish and can turn a mediocre living space into the urban jungle of your dreams.)

1. Sansevieria Zeylanica

This sword-like plant takes any living space from drab to stylish while it purifies the air, making it easier for you to breathe. Pair with a modern plant pot, water it every now and again, and you’re nearly good to go.

Care: Put plant in a bright room, but not in direct sun. Water once a week in the summer, and less in the colder months.

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Home

2. Fiddle-Leaf Fig

For a bold, trendy, and almost tropical look, pop a fiddle-leaf fig in almost any corner of your apartment or home. Take in the air-purifying benefits and dramatic texture of this plant in the spaces you admire most.

Care: Put plant in a space that gets a lot of light. The more light the plant gets, the faster it will grow. Water your fiddle-leaf fig when the top few inches of the soil are dry, and keep the plant in a relatively humid area.

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Home

3. Majesty Palm Plant

If you love the tropical look, you’ll love the large, green fronds of the majesty palm plant. The lush look of these plants make them an excellent focal point of almost any bedroom, office, or living space, especially when paired with a sleek pot.

Care: Drench with sunlight, but keep the plant indoors. Water frequently, as these plants love moist soil.

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Home

4. ZZ Plant

We love the ZZ plant, because it’s easy to care for and because its waxy leaves add an attractive flare to most indoor spaces. (Depending on the pot, these plants can also make for awesome table centerpieces.)

Care: Water once in a while, but don’t drown the roots in water. Keep the plant in a low light room.

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Home

5. Kimberly Queen Fern

A Kimberly Queen Fern can be a beautiful decoration, because they’re versatile and fit well with changing seasons.

Care: Fertilize the fern once or twice a year. Water enough that the soil is moist, but not so much that the plant drowns, and prevent the plant from getting too much light.

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Home

6. Macho Fern

Just like the Kimberly Queen Fern, the Macho Fern goes well in most living spaces in need of some tropical texture. However, the one caveat here is that you need a large space to accommodate the size of these plants.

Care: Water often, but don’t let the plant get soggy, and keep in a shaded area.

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Home

7. Hedera Ivy

While a Hedera Ivy plant can be placed or hung anywhere in a home, they make great accents specifically in the kitchen. Hang a basic plant pot from a trendy rope, and you’re well on your way to living in a chic urban jungle.

Care: Grows best in indirect sunlight, so keep it near the light. Water when the ivy looks like it’s in need of a drink.

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Home

8. Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe Vera adds a sharp—in more ways than one—accent to a kitchen, with little to no work. Their vibrant green leaves provide our skin with benefits and make for awesome conversation starters, especially during the summer months.

Care: Water the plant once a week, but do not overwater.

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Home

9. Bonsai

There are different kinds of bonsai trees, all of which have different requirements; however, growing any bonsai tree is a fun project for the whole family, and their textured foliage brightens up any space.

Care: In general, bonsai trees do not need a lot of light. Water the plant a little bit when it looks dry.

9 Indoor Plants to Freshen Up Your Home

Which indoor plant is your favorite?