5 Protein Bars to Add to Your Diet Today

5 Protein Bars to Add to your Diet Today

Tess St. John

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You don’t have to squat 150 pounds or run marathons to enjoy a protein bar. Protein is an essential nutrient that powers and fuels your body in order to help you perform at your best. So whether you’re a yogi or just rushing out the door, everyone needs protein.And while it’s naturally found in foods such as eggs, lentils, nuts, and meats, another great way to satisfy your protein intake is through protein bars.

Note, however, that not all protein bars are created equal, and that’s because most snack bars are loaded with added sugars and unnecessary ingredients that are just not good for you. Most snack bars are loaded with added sugar and unnecessary ingredients that simply will just aren’t good for you. Some brands do get it right, though. So to ease your mind during your next trip to the grocery store, we’re sharing 5 brands that are the real deal when it comes to snacking healthy.

Perfect Bar

Truly living up to its name, each Perfect Bar is perfectly packed with 20 superfoods, whole food protein, and organic ingredients. Combined with fruits, nuts and chocolate, each bar is sure to satisfy both your taste buds, hunger, and sweet tooth. whichever bar you choose these bars are sure to satisfy your taste buds as well as your hunger. And with that balance of healthy fats and carbs, Perfect Bars are low on the glycemic index, which means they will cause a lower, slower rise in your blood sugar.

In other words, foods on the low glycemic index will hold you over til dinner. Because of all those NON-GMO, fresh ingredients, each bar should be stored in the fridge to maintain that fresh cookie dough texture. Dice it and top on yogurt, crumble it on a rice cake, or simply eat it right out of the package. Perfect Bars are a super delicious protein-packed snack.

Personal favorite: Fruit & Nut

Source: Perfect Bar

Source: Perfect Bar

Jones Bar

A small batch brand with a big passion, to create real food bars. With no more than 5 ingredients per bar, Jones Bars are the simply...well, simple. Each hand-crafted bar lists the ingredients right on the front of each package. No tricks or no hidden additives-just ingredients you can pronounce so you know exactly what you’re putting into your body. That is what makes a Jones Bars so special. Their chewy texture comes from 100% organic nuts, dates, chia seeds, and fresh fruits. Just real food.

Personal favorite: PB&J

Source: Jones Bars

Source: Jones Bars


Organic, vegan, gluten free, NON-GMO-there’s almost nothing these bars aren’t certified with. If you’re looking for a snack that packs it all, GoMacro’s the way to go. Chose a bar specific to your dietary needs, and they’ll not only sustain your hunger but also the environment. The many high-protein options will take your tastebuds to a protein paradise. And the greatness of GoMacro spreads far beyond their protein-packed goodness. Throughout the month of May, GoMacro is partnering with Farm Sanctuary and donating 10% of all sales of their Peanut Butter Bar to rescue and rehabilitate animals.

Personal favorite: (ironically) Peanut Butter

Source: GoMacro

Source: GoMacro

RX Bar

There’s no b.s. in an RX bar, as transparency is their main ingredient. The chewy combination of nuts and dates, the egg whites for prime protein count, and a sweet touch of the chocolates or berries makes an RX bar a fresh bite of energy. With each simple ingredient, all of which are listed on the wrapper, there's nothing but nutritional goodness in each bar. This bar is basic in ingredients, but far beyond basic in taste.

Personal favorite: Mango Pineapple

Source: RX Bar

Source: RX Bar


With no more than 5 grams of sugar per bar, these chocolate dipped bars will have you switching out a candy bar for a protein bar. ALOHA bars are plant-based and made with simple, organic ingredients which will curb your hunger and help you savor that sweet tooth. Each bar is loaded with nutrient dense plant-protein, such as hemp, pea, and pumpkin seeds, helping you get all the nutrients you would normally get from an animal-based protein source. while the healthiness of this bar may surprise you, indulge my friends.

Personal favorite: Chocolate Mint

Source: Aloha Bars

Source: Aloha Bars

So now that you have the inside scoop on the best protein bars, which one will you bite in to?

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