Got Frizzy Hair? Read These 3 Tips to Keep it in Check

Got Frizzy Hair? Read These 3 Tips to Keep it in Check.

Aly Leia Wein

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It’s officially summertime, which means it’s also officially time for the annoying trio of heat, humidity, and frizzy hair to come barging back into our lives. Some people are blessed with silky and shiny hair, but this brunette is definitely not—dealing with thick, puffy, tangled hair has just become a way of life for me, especially in the warmer months. I struggled for years with keeping my hair in check, and it was so frustrating trying to find cure-alls that didn’t include damaging heat tools or expensive chemical treatments. So here’s my little guide on how to tame the frizz, because your hair should work for you, not the other way around.

Frizz-Away #1: Hair Masks

If you’ve dealt with frizz before, you obviously know that conditioner (whether regular, deep, or leave-in) is your best friend. But how many of you out there do regular at-home hair masks? I was a newcomer to this, but let me tell you, hair masks have totally transformed my hair. Whether it’s a weekly oil treatment or a daily in-shower cream, using hair masks on a regular basis knocks frizz out big-time. You don’t have to spend a fortune on it either—drug store ones work great, and there are so many recipes online for DIY masks too. Your options are endless!

Source:  Skitterphoto

Source: Skitterphoto

Frizz-Away #2: Detangler, Detangler, Detangler!

If you don’t own detangler, go out to the store this very minute and buy yourself a bottle of detangler. I was surprised to learn how many people don’t use detangler, especially those with frizzy hair. My marula oil-based detangler is a five-in-one product and also helps with frizz, fly-aways, and split ends. I put it on my wet hair and comb it through, thanking the hair gods for the creation of this essential product. All those hours my mom spent trying to get painful knots out of my tangled hair as a child could have been avoided. So please, detangle ASAP.


Frizz-Away #3: Comb Don’t Brush

Growing up, I was always told that combs were for wet hair and brushes were for dry hair. I never listened, of course, until I realized that by brushing my wet hair, I was actually making it poof up even more. When I get out of the shower, I usually just put my hair up in an easy topknot and go about my day, but I’ve noticed that when I take the time to comb it out with detangler, it behaves much better. Everyone’s hair is different, so definitely experiment with various tools and techniques, and see what works for you!

How do you manage your frizzy hair?

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