Pamper Your Pout with These 9 Lip Products

Pamper Your Pout with These 9 Lip Products

Carly Steinberg

Feature Image: Alexa Velasquez

Lips — we eat with them, we smile with them, and we kiss with them. So, it’s only fair to say that our lips are one of the more important features on our faces, which is why it’s extremely important to take care of them. With the dry summer heat upon us, it’s essential to keep those smackers hydrated. So, pucker up and pamper your lips with these 9 clean beauty products!

1. BeautyCounter Lip Conditioner

We love this product, especially the peppermint flavor which keeps the lips tasting minty fresh.

Source:  Alexa Velasquez

2. Lanolips Multipurpose Superbalm

An all-in-one solution not only for lips, but for dry and chapped skin, as well. Tuck this into your bag, so you’re always prepared for those cracked elbows and annoying cuticles.

Source:  Alexa Velasquez

3. la bloom beauty lip scrub

Dry skin build-up on your lips is very real. You’d be surprised at how smooth your lips will feel after scrubbing away with this coco-vanilla scrub. What’s better? It tastes good, too!

Source:  Alexa Velasquez

4. Sara Happ Sweet Clay Lip Mask

Hey, masks aren’t just for our faces! Grab your girls for a lip mask and wine night — well, maybe enjoy the wine post lip masks.

Source:  Sara Happ

Source: Sara Happ

5. Lulu Organics Lip Balm

Not into scented lip products? No problem! Carry this unscented lip moisturizer with you to keep your lips feeling soft.

Source:  Alexa Velasquez

6. Olio E Osso Balm

Keep your lips (and cheeks and eyelids) colorful with this portable balm. This unique balm comes in a variety of colors and adds a subtle glow to your face.

Source:  Alexa Velasquez

7. Henné Organics Lip Serum

Without giving our lips the proper care, they can become dry and dull. Use this berry seed oil infused serum to promote collagen production and help nourish your lips.

Source:  Alexa Velasquez

8. Apto Skincare Lip Balm

Refresh your lips with this apple lip balm. (It’s the bomb.)

Source:  Alexa Velasquez

9. Lavido Lip Thera Balm

Prone to dry lips? Protect and nourish them with this shea butter and almond oil lip balm.

Source:  Alexa Velasquez

Which lip care product are you trying first?