5 All-Natural Deodorant Brands We're Currently Obsessed With

5 All-Natural Deodorant Brands We're Currently Obsessed With

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Does the thought of ditching your wonderful-smelling, antiperspirant deodorant send you into a panic? If you answered yes, you’re probably not alone. A lot of people have an aversion to natural deodorants—and, in turn, prefer to stick with harsh, antiperspirant deodorants—because many of them don’t work. And while antiperspirants have a purpose—to prevent you from sweating—it’s actually better for your body if you don’t use an aluminum-filled deodorant. (Sweat is natural and should not be prevented.) But, it can be difficult to find a natural deodorant that actually works. To help you out, we’re sharing our favorite deodorant brands, all of which offer a way to keep your beauty routine healthy and natural by providing you with products that actually work.


Our pick: Tangellow

For those with sensitive skin—meaning you get red bumps on your armpit skin whenever you try out a new deodorant or shave—try the Tangellow deodorant from Wildist. The brand combines scents of tangerine and wintergreen to give you a product that smells like all the best parts of spring. Better yet, the brand’s deodorant spreads right on—not too wet, not too dry.

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Our pick: the brand’s deodorant

Made with barley powder (to keep you dry) and only the good-for-you ingredients (to keep you healthy and safe), Myro is truly living out their mission of providing customers with highly-effective, all-natural deodorants. Each package you order comes with a base deodorant—with all those healthy ingredients—and a TSA-approved, easy-to-find, and reusable case. You pick a scent, and when you’ve used it all up, simply buy a refill pack.

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Ursa Major

Our Pick: Hoppin’ Fresh Deodorant

Say goodbye to your harsh antiperspirant deodorants and give Ursa Major a try. This brand provides customers with a healthy alternative to most deodorants found on drugstore shelves, because they offer a product that eliminates excess moisture (i.e. sweat) in a natural way. If you love highly aromatic products, this deodorant will hypnotize you with whiffs of mint and eucalyptus. My favorite part? It glides right on and doesn’t stain my clothes!

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Primary Elements

Our pick: Primary Mineral Deodorant

We’re obsessed with this brand because, like us, they believe in clean, yet effective skincare. Made with high-quality and healthy-for-you ingredients, their spray-on deodorant is unlike most, to say the least. With an intoxicating smell and a lightweight formula, this spray-on deodorant was specifically designed to be easy, effective, and to eliminate the smelly toxins in your body, leaving you feeling and smelling fresh AF.

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Cleo & Coco

Our pick: Charcoal Deodorant in Lavender Vanilla

Having activated charcoal in your beauty products is almost an essential nowadays, which is why we’re stoked about Cleo & Coco’s all-natural deodorant. Gentle, effective, and formulated with activated charcoal, this brand’s deodorant eliminates sweat, bacteria, and odor from your pits and leaves you odor free all day long. And not to mention, the combination of lavender and vanilla will help you feel relaxed as you start off your day with an act of self-care. (The packaging is also BPA free, recyclable plastic!)

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Which deodorant do you want to try?