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alexa velasquez

PR and Marketing Director

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Alexa graduated from UCLA in June of 2018 with a degree in English and the desire to find her place in the world of public relations. However, her passions lie heavily in writing and content creation. She is able to stay connected to these passions through her blog, Hartley Confidential, where she discusses both the big and small moments of being a woman in one’s twenties. A dog and cat person with a large collection of candles, an appreciation for romance novels, and a desire for fall all year long, Alexa loves the small things in life and hopes to pass on positive vibes and endless motivation to the people around her. As her journey into the world of publicity began, she found herself disconnected from her passions and decided to band together with three of her best friends to create bold. online magazine and is so excited to see where this new venture takes her.