Our Founders


Jazzy Skye 

Head of PR, Marketing, & events

As a SoCal native, Jazzy has always had a passion for music, travel, food, and well….living! While she is currently a psychology student at UCLA, Jazzy has a newfound passion for marketing and journalism. Outside of these passions, Jazzy lives a well-rounded and bold life by spending time with her above average friends, being outdoors, reading, and snuggling with her cat, Benjamin! She loves writing on things she is passionate about, i.e. food reviews at a trendy restaurant or festival line-up releases, but she is up for any challenge when it comes to her journalism career.

Jazzy Young Bold

Favorite music to listen to after a stressful day? 

Mumford and Sons

Best self-care tip?

Take a day doing whatever you want to re-energize yourself and do not feel guilty about doing that. You can’t make others happy if you’re not happy yourself.

Destination you’re most eager to travel to?

Thailand, Iceland, or Greece….can’t decide!

Go-to girl power movie?

Practical Magic


Holly-Noelle Haworth

Editor-in-Chief / Head of social media

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Holly has always been a multi-faceted person. She is currently studying Philosophy and Entrepreneurship at UCLA and running her own children’s dance studio, Holly Noelle Dance. Through this, she is able to blend her passions for business and dance. In addition to this, though, she realized her social media savvy and passion for journalism. Starting bold. online magazine with co-founder, Jazzy, has been an additional way to satisfy her entrepreneurial ambitions. Holly lives a bold life by balancing the many realms of her life, spending time with her gal pals, and dancing.

Holly Haworth Bold

Favorite way to de-compress after a long day?

Not proud of it, but I love watching reality TV.

Best self-care tip?   

Take a hot bath with your favorite face mask at least once a week.

Where are you dying to go back to?

Hawaii, hands down.

Favorite female designer?

Kate Spade