An ABC Bucket List for Summer in Los Angeles

An ABC Bucket List for Summer in Los Angeles

Marin Haluza

Feature Image: Roberto Nickson

Summer is here, which has many of us wondering how we’re going to spend some of the most beautiful days of the year. If you find yourself in Los Angeles and are looking for anything from a quick adventure to a day full of fun, this bucket list will have it. Here are the ABC’s of Los Angeles summer 2019. 

Arboretum — The Los Angeles Arboretum is full of beautiful plants and scenic views, perfect for a quick selfie opportunity or a relaxing get away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles.

Betty B Dearing Trail — This trail offers scenic views, often called “The Rainforest” for its abundance of plant life.

Catch LA — This restaurant is definitely one of Los Angeles’s staples: cute, delicious, and a perfect way to hang out with friends. 

Dodgers Game — One of America’s favorite traditions: a day at the ballpark.

Electric Scooters — If there is one thing Los Angeles is not lacking, it is electric scooters. Take one for a ride around the beach or the city and enjoy all that LA has to offer.

First Fridays — Yummy, unique food to match everyone’s needs and cravings. 

Griffith Observatory — Get some friends and enjoy looking at the stars on a warm summer night.

Hollywood Walk of Fame — Located in West Hollywood, see where all the stars have left their mark.

Indoor Skydiving — If you don’t find actual skydiving appealing, but are still looking for a thrill, this is the perfect thing for you!
apanese Garden — Another scenic, relaxing Los Angeles essential 

Karaoke Night — LA has so many karaoke lounges, so choose the best one for you and sing your heart out all night. 

Line Dancing — Learn something new like line dancing at Oil Can Harry’s. If you are anything like me, it might be a little embarrassing trying to dance, but it’s well worth the fun.

Melrose Avenue — Do some shopping, enjoy the local entertainment, and eat some good food.

Natural History Museum — The Los Angeles Natural History Museum is the largest in the western part of the United States, so take advantage of this and learn something new.

Outdoor Concert — Venues like the Greek Theatre are great for all types of music lovers and the summer weather makes it a perfect time to go.

Pier Walk — One of LA’s most popular attractions that offers fun attractions and a guaranteed good time. 

Quest Room — Conquer this escape room with friends and family

Runyon Canyon Hike — This hike is known for hosting celebrities out for a stroll and has some great views. 

Sunflower Field — Summer is here, which brings along an abundance of pretty flowers! Go to a sunflower or a general flower field and have yourself a photoshoot.

The Getty — Appreciate some of history's finest art in one of the most scenic areas of Los Angeles. Entry is free!

Universal Studios — See where some of the most infamous movies were made and enjoy the fun rides!

Volunteer — There are so many opportunities to give back to the city of Los Angeles, hop online and see what volunteer options there are and grab some friends to make the world a little better. 

Will Rogers State Beach — The beach is the epitome of summer. What better way to spend a hot day than at one of Los Angeles most beautiful beaches?

X marks the spot — grab a Los Angeles map and see where that mysterious adventure takes you!

Yoga — Whether you do it at a studio or on your own, take some time to rewind and get some exercise at the same time. 

Zoo — The Los Angeles Zoo can provide a day full of fun and cute animals.

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