Bold Banter: What Are Your Favorite Halloween Traditions?

Bold Banter YAY!

Welcome to bold. banter, a new feature of our online publication where we all get to come together to learn, grow, empower, and motivate ourselves and one another. Yes, banter usually refers to some sort of humorous repartee, but you don’t have to be funny here, nor do you have to pose any great challenges to fellow bold babes. All we want you to do is to listen to each other and to share your own ideas. We are building a virtual community after all.

That being said, we’d like to discuss Halloween traditions for our very first Bold Banter. Oftentimes, holidays come with loads of traditions. Maybe there are traditions you’ve had since childhood, or maybe you’ve made new ones throughout the years. Whomever you keep up your traditions with, traditions are something we look forward to year after year. Right?

So, tell us: what are some of your favorite Halloween traditions and who does them with you? Let the (bold.) banter begin!

Jazzy Holly4 Comments